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November 10, 2001

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and guests, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President of the Chesapeake Bay division of the International Association for Identification. To me your attendance at this Conference is evidence of your commitment to the Division. To Cindy, my wife, her support is more important than she knows.

I would like to think back a few years in my life, where as a teenage hoping to enter into the law enforcement profession, I attended a small community college that had recently begun a criminal justice program. At that time I had a instructor, who had recently retired from the Delaware State Police, who I feel was inspirational in my early training, he laid the foundations, and integrity levels for met that were necessary to work within the law enforcement profession.

A number of years later, searching for a way to better serve my Department and community, I persuaded the Department to let me attend a fingerprint school in BelAir, Maryland. Working for a small department, with limited resources, my housing was arranged at the Maryland State Police detachment in BelAir. While staying at the detachment, I met a Duty Officer, named John Bowman. This man immediately became a friend and counselor. His friendship has continued today. During our many discussions he told me about an organization called the Chesapeake Bay Division of the International Association for Identification.. John spoke of the professionalism and friendship I would find at the Division. He also spoke about something called “ Half n’ Half”, that I was not quite sure about, but I was willing to give it a try, and I attended the next Fall Conference in Virginia Beach. His praise about the Division has been substantiated so many times, as I have met so many people in this Division and at the recent National Conferences. Without such people as John Bowman, Carmine Artone, Dick Taylor, Norm Smith, Carol Edelen, Mike Grimm, Maria Lyons and the many others who have provided support, I wouldn’t be here today.

A few years ago, Mike Grimm set us on a path to provide educational lectures and workshops that would bring increased praise and recognition in the law enforcement community for the Division. The work for this Conference that Jimmy Simms and Lyle Shaver wand the others working alongside has produced the largest successful Educational Conference to date. We are seeing an increasing number of Vendors looking at our Division, and now asking to be a Vendor at a future Conference. We are seeing an increased willingness from people to give their time t lecture and provide workshops.. We are witnessing people who have not considered teaching before, to college professors, who have a knowledge and experience to teach, are becoming more readily available to the Division. We are continually seeing new faces, many times young faces that are bringing new ideas, and inspirations to the Conferences.

In the next year, we are going to increase our exposure to the law enforcement agencies and colleges, that are unaware of the Chesapeake Bay Division of the International Association for Identification. We are going to be visible and promote the Division at law enforcement seminars and events. We are going to increase the quality of the lectures and workshops, giving the members the opportunity to attend our standard two-day Conference, and attend longer, more advanced classes by experts in their fields. We are going to promote the Certification areas offered by the International.

The recent terrorist attacks in our country have effected all of us emotionally and professionally. These occurrences since September 11th, are only going to require an increased need for Evidence Techs, Latent Examiners, Photographers, and other professionals in the law enforcement profession. It is my expectation that within the new few months, we will witness more technology change than many of us have witnessed in our lifetime. In this room alone we have enough knowledge to teach other s at the Conferences. To take back to your departments, the skills learned here, to teach those members in your Departments, modern procedures, and encourage them to attend future Conferences, so they can better serve their communities.

I would like to thank you again for your confidence, your past assistance, and the future assistance that I am sure I will seek.

I mentioned at the beginning, a Delaware State Police officer that was an early inspiration to me. That man was Robert Stewart, Past-President of the Division in 1967.

Spring 2002

The holidays have now passed and we look forward to a new year and future challenges. The plans for the Spring Educational Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia have been brought together and I am confident that you will enjoy the location, the educational classes, and lectures Pat Davis and his committee have planned. As with life itself, the Division faces many challenges ahead. Many of us belong to other professional organizations and the decision to give your time to this organization, or any organization, is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. It takes a lot of thought, planning, and time from not only your elected officals, but from many people in the background who provide assistance year after year without recognition. These individuals deserve my sincere praise.

As the plans for the Spring Conference were coming together, we read of the court decision on January 8, 2002 by Judge Pollak, in United States v. Plaza. This decision which will have far-reaching effects across our country, not only for the fingerprint commuity, but all areas of the forensic filelds as they are challenged in court by Daubert hearings. The court decision emphasizes the need for training and professionalism in the law enforcement community, which this Division will accomplish. It is these standards that we as Officers of the Chesapeake Bay Division will continue to pursue in the quality of training and certification programs at future educational conferences.

The International Division is actively planning the national conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 4 through 10, 2002. I am proud of the number of our members who are participating in an officer's capacity and as instructors. It is my hope that we will provide a large representation of Chesapeake Bay members at the conference. We wish the Nevada Division a successful educational conference.

Within the last few months, we have had several of our members face illness or other tragedies, and I would like to offer them our warmest thoughts and prayers.

I hope to see you in Williamsburg this Spring.

Fall 2002

Cindy and I have recently returned from the National IAI convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. At that time I had the pleasure of representing our Division at the conference. The 87th. National Educational conference will be remembered as the largest attended conference of guests and instructors. The Nevada Division, along with the National members, did an outstanding job in the planning and handling of the conference and certainly deserve to be congratulated. While attending the National, and meeting other officers and members from other divisions, I was constantly praised on the work our division produces, from our division web page that so many people are increasingly reading, and to our bi-yearly Chesapeake Examiner. It seems many of the small improvements that we have continued to make over the years, are under the watchful eye of other divisions members. It is this level of accomplishment that all of our members deserve credit, for it is their continued interest in the division that has made these improvements so successful. 

Our own conference plans for the Fall 2002 is quickly materializing and a quality group of workshops and lectures are planned. It is my hope that you will feel the quality of the educational conference is worth your time to attend and participate in the activities of the division. This year 2002 marks the 40th anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay division, and as with any anniversary we must remember our history, and the men and women who devoted their time and efforts to make this organization as success. You will note a change in the Fall Chesapeake Examiner, where the conference speaker program is prepared as a pull-out page that can be removed for easier copying or posting on your office bulletin board. Plans are also being made for another silent auction, which supplemented our vendor break cost last Spring, and provided some amusing bidding. If you would like to contribute an item, please contact R.C. Bartley III, 3rd. Vice-President, or myself. 

In the last year, especially since September 11, 2001 we have continued to witness the courage and strength of our citizens, let us never forget those sacrifices, and the ones that will have to be made in the future. In our own division we have members who have suffered physical and financial loss; to them we give our thoughts and prayers for recovery. 

It is my sincere hope to see you in Ocean City, Maryland for our Fall educational conference.



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