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Past President - Norman R. Smith - Messages

October 24, 1988

I consider it an honor and priviledge to serve as your newly-elected President, and I pledge my services and best efforts to our Division during my term of office.

My goal is for the Division to grow, propser, inform, and advance the Science of Forensic Identification. Meeting this goal will depend upon our collective efforts.

The key to the success of any association is to the participation of its members. I want to urge all of you to get involved. Come to the conferences, learn from our seminars, and enjoy the good fellowship. Each of you can also participate by helping us with our membership drive, and help yourself at the same time.

With your cooperation and valued support I'm looking forward to a productive year.

August 01, 1989

One of my goals for this term has been to substantially increase membership. Our Secretary-Teasurer informs me that we are on the way to achieving this goal. I would like to thank those who have helped with our membership drive, and encourage you to keep up the good work.

To our new members, I welcome you, and urge you, and all our members to attend the conferences and enjoy the full benefits of membership. Our Educational Seminars are designed to help keep you abreast of new technology, and the latest in innovative case work in the Forensic Identification field. The conferences also offer an opportunity to make important contacts with fellow professionals, as well as a chance to enjoy good fellowship. By belonging, and participating it will give you a true feeling of being part of something that's important to our profession. 

Don't forget, there's still time to take advantage of our limited incentive program to increase membership. Show your support by signing up new members, and participating in our conferences. I know you'll find it a rewarding experience.



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