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Past President - Michael R. Grimm - Messages

Spring 1999

As we approach the onset of the second millenium, we must look forward to the vast challenges awaiting us. Each of us, in the Chesapeake Bay Division must assess our own goals for this incredible milestone in the history of mankind. As we confront the boundless opportunities before us, we should also look at our past, our personnal successes and our failures, and then move forward with determination. Likewise, so must our Division. We are all aware of the incredible successes and contributions the CBD has made to the betterment of forensic science for nearly four decades, but we are equally aware of our shortcomings. Future successes in this Division depend on our willingness to be creative and make a few necessary changes. 

The Spring Education Conference to be held in Roanoke, Virginia, on April 9 and 10, 1999 should set the tempo for all future CBD conferences. More emphasis than ever is being given to a truly educational program. For the first time, workshops will be held both prior to and during the regularly scheduled meeting, with an emphasis on latent print development and preservation. In conjunction with this meeting, world-renowned expert Ron Smith will conduct his three-day training program "Demystifying Palm Prints" at the state crime lab in Roanoke. We are also planning a workshop at the state medical examiner's morgue on developing latent prints on human skin. This workshop will be conducted by a team of specialists from around the country using state-of-the-art technology on actual cadavers. By providing both general sessions and workshops at this conference, we hope to fulfill more of the educational requirements and requests of our members and walk-in attendees.

We are also expecting a contingent from North Carolina at this conference and discussions will be held concerning a possible joint meeting with their Division in the near future. The IAI parent body Chairman Charles Illsley will present a program that is sure to be of interest to all. Charles will also serve as keynote speaker at this event. Our ability to present a program of this magnitude is the direct result of the efforts of everyone involved. Much of the planning has been underway for many months and will continue right up to the conference time.

First Vice President Mark Neal has gallantly assumed the role of Division Coordinator for the 2000 International Conference in Charleston, West Virginia, and is doing a remarkable job. Anyone wishing to work with him and the parent body on that conference should contact him for details. 

Again, the success of this division and our educational conferences depends on us all. Your attendence at the upcoming meeting is a constant show of support for your President, and all conference planners and officers. I look forward to seeing all of you and your guests in Roanoke this April.

Fall 1999

I would like to being with a sincere thank you to those of you who assisted so generously in the planning and completion of a most successful spring conference in Roanoke. Your efforts were obvious to all by the great number in attendence. I sincerely hope that all of you who were able attend found the program both educational and interesting.

Our fall conference in Williamsburg, Virginia is shaping up well and we anticipate another exciting program including extended workshops. The Holiday Inn Patriot has graciously blocked the conference facility for use on Thursday, November 4. We are planning two additional eight hour workshops for that day. The hotel is adjacent to an outlet mall in proximity to the Williamsburg Pottery Factory.

During this conference, a critical issue will be discussed regarding the number of meetings a year this organization should hold for the members. A survey, regarding this matter, was mailed to the membership earlier this year. The survey was disseminated to ascertain the valuable opinions of our members. At the fall conference, the Board of Directors will review the results of the survey and make recommendations. Members present will be advised of the results and recommendations and will ultimately finalize the decision as to the frequency and length of future meetings.

This year marks the 300th aniversary of Williamsburg, Virginia as the cultural center of the New World. Please join us in celebrating this event and take part in our history making celebrations. I look forward to seeing each of you in November and thank you for your support this year.



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