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August 14, 2006

Dear Members,

As this administration is rapidly concluding, please know that it has been a pleasure serving as the 44th President of the Chesapeake Bay Division of the International Association for Identification.

I had the pleasure of representing the CBD at the 91st International Educational Conference in Boston; however, I was not alone. More than 50 CBD-IAI members were in attendance. I am especially proud of Robert Garrett, Vici Inlow, Norman Smith, Deborah Leben, Bridget Lewis, Stephen Meager and Kenneth Smith for their special service on the international boards of officers and directors. Several of our members chair and serve on the parent body committees as well as conduct workshops and render lectures at the international conference. That kind of involvement has continuously earned CBD a great deal of respect, which is most important. I have often said that it is more important to be respected than to be liked.

From the beginning of this administration, I have encouraged teamwork and that is what we have done. The Officers and Board of Directors have worked diligently, planning conferences, making adjustments in the way we govern and conduct association business and seeking partnerships, in an effort to better serve you.

I thank everyone who attended the spring conference in Charlottesville and all who supported the scholarship wine and cheese event. Lynn Slaughter deserves applause for coordinating all of the fundraisers. Keeping the scholarship funded continues to be one of my major goals. Our secretary/treasurer has advised that all of our finances are in good shape. Your participation and support have made that possible.

I plan to continue to serve CBD long after relinquishing the president's gavel and calling the board meeting to order. I learned long ago that one can lead just as effectively from the back of the room as from the front of it by sharing ideas and mentoring to others. However I choose or is asked to serve, I promise to do the very best job that I can do.

I urge each of you to lend your knowledge, skills and abilities to CBD-IAI. There are plenty opportunities to participate and please know that your participation is needed and welcomed.

Thank you,


November 4, 2005

Dear Members,

It is with great pleasure that I greet you as the 44th. President of the Chesapeake Bay Division of the International Association for Identification. 

Who knew that when the CBD-IAI was chartered in November, 1962 that a 12 year old little girl, named Sylvia Terrell, growing up in Richmond, Virginia would someday be elected its President.

I certainly do not take it for granted. The road here was not without obstacles, but I learned at a very early age that perseverance, coupled with preparation, will let you move forward in spite of obstacles. I also learned that challenges make you stronger. 

I thank everyone who supported my efforts as I rendered service through the years; I have given my best. Whenever I look at our display unit, that was purchased while I was Historian, I am swollen with pride to know that it is still being used today. That was the plan, to set things in motion that will last. Words cannot express the joy that I felt when the first scholarship was awarded; I worked hard to get it established. I am not boasting, but merely reminiscing and hope that somehow I made believers of those who doubted my abilities and hope to win the confidence of any that remain. 

We have already begun working on this year's agenda. For a successful administration, we will need all of you. This is our Association. The opinion and desires of every dues-paying, card-carrying member are important. Long after we are officers, we will still be members, so decisions made in the Board Room today are going to affect us well tomorrow. Please know that I never lose site of that fact, although sometimes our decisions are not popular.

As we prepare to move forward, please rest assured that I promise to continue to do the very best job that I can do and I guarantee that you will never be sorry that you elected me to lead. I am truly honored.

Thank you,




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